SEIUN.co is a virtual studio project that brings experimental character concepts to life at the cross-section of art, music, and technology.

Inspired by retro-futuristic dreams of glowing holograms and digital pop stars, the studio began as a side project for designer Ben Laud (with help from Matsu) and has since grown into a continuum of work which includes illustration, original music, and custom merchandise.

Viki Hopper was officially released in May 2016 with support for singing in English and Japanese. Since then, the digital sprite has been featured in original works by talented producers from all over the world such as Avalia, Temjin, EmpathP, and Seagull.

Viki also made a cameo appearance in The Disturbance of Fermi, the 2017 Global Game Jam entry by Chimera Labs.

You can find Viki on tour performing live as an animated projection with VOCAMERICA, the western Vocaloid Concert. SEIUN’s mascot serves as one of the UTAU ambassadors, singing and dancing alongside the fantastic and diverse lineup of VOCALOID and UTAU acts. To see when VOCAMERICA will be in your area, check out their upcoming shows.

Interested in working with SEIUN?

Get in touch or email at info@seiun.co