Viki Hopper will perform at VOCAMERICA

In July 28th’s VOCAMERICA live stream, Aki Glancy (EmpathP) announced that Viki Hopper is the “mystery UTAU” that had been advertised during the Kickstarter campaign. “Viki Hopper is a lovely bilingual UTAU the #VOCAMERICA project is thrilled to share,” says Aki Glancy (EmpathP), who has been spearheading the VOCAMERICA project for several months now.

The virtual idol will open for several east coast VOCAMERICA shows starting next summer, performing an original song written and composed by EmpathP.

Seiun is proud to have been able to support VOCAMERICA’s campaign, and we know it will be amazing.

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to VOCAMERICA!