Happy Birthday Viki!

I’m happy to share that today is Viki Hopper’s birthday! It’s been five years since my first upload featuring Viki in a very early stage, and it’s amazing how things have grown since then.

To celebrate, I’m officially releasing Viki’s new English Voicebank. This bank is really close to my heart, as I’ve been developing it since September. it’s also the first VCCV bank that I did the entire oto.ini for, so I learned a ton while putting it together.

The official demo song is called “A Hand to Hold”. It was written and composed by Avalia. They did an amazing job! I was blown away the first time I heard it, and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Moving forward, I have a few things I’m excited to share! I’m working on an original song with a really talented musician. Also, Arpasing has really caught my attention, so there may be yet another new english bank sooner than later. There’s also Viki’s first appearance in VOCAMERICA to look forward to, and I’ll be sure to post new updates as they come.